Wednesday, August 02, 2006

La Dijonaise Cafe in Culver City

The morning after a rambuncious wedding that Owen and I attended, we headed to Downtown Culver City, to find somewhere to sit for awhile that had sweet sweet air conditioning. If anyone's been in LA recently during the hot heat wave, they know exactly what I'm talking about - it's been a toasty, humid summer, like being in New York. La Dijonaise was quick to give us a seat inside, so La Dijonaise it was.

The Arnold Palmer (Lemonade + Iced tea) is my favorite drink on a hot day, or on any day really. It's a perfect blend of sweet and a bit tart, and watered down enough to be refreshing and tasty. This particular one was quite sufficient, it was slurped down quickly.

This is Owen's Cobb Salad. Notice the ONE slice of avocado. I get kind of annoyed at places that tout a particular more expensive item like avacado or shrimp on a particular dish, and then completely cheap out on it (for instance, Macaroni Grill - a dish that had a main ingredient of shrimp gave us ONE piece of shrimp. That's just CRUEL.) Anyways, back to this dish. The other ingredients in the dish were ample enough but I had a taste - nothing to write home about. The items in this dish were okay but nothing was extremely fresh, tasty or special.
I got a ham, bacon and cheese quiche, with vinagrette side salad. The quiche's crust was good - very buttery, flaky. The insides of the quiche was like, I guess, scrambled eggs with ham and bacon. The vinagrette had too much bite to it - I couldn't finish the salad because of that.

La Dijonaise isn't knock your socks off, but it's nothing you need to go out of your way to go to. Their pastries and baked goods are their specialty, so stick to those.

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Owen Waring said...

Yeah, definitely middle of the road. Maybe it's because I like French style cafes that my sights were set so high.

Everything is fresh enough, but I can make those bagged salads at home for a lot less, and the quiche was nothing to write home about.