Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fords Filling Station -DINELA lunch

Another DINELA lunch, this time with Amber at Ford's Filling Station, as she had never been there before and wanted to use this chance to try some of the things I've been raving about to her about this place. I got there a bit early, and had to wait till Amber got there before being seated - it was quite busy inside. We were immediately handed the cool die cut menus, which prominently displayed the DINE LA lunch menu option.
Ford's Filling Station - DINELA
Amber chose the Sturgeon Confit - thyme, lemon and country bread as her appetizer. She enjoyed this a lot, I think the bread was nicely toasted, and the sturgeon was perfectly salted and cooked, not overdone. Nice.
Ford's Filling Station - DINELA
I went for the Goose Rillette - with micro rocket greens and whole grain mustard. A small smear of the goose rillette (kind of like a goose flavored mash of meatiness, with a touch of liver flavor) on one of those little toasts, and a small bit of mustard....quite excellent. Pretty rich, though, maybe I shouldn't have started with this considering what was to come...

Ford's Filling Station - DINELA
...as Amber and I both got the Fish and Chips - beer battered cod with all the fixins, pickled carrots, and "ooo-eee" sauce. Man, what a fry bucket this was. I loved the way they fried the fish, which was nice and flaky, not overdone at all - tempura batter, and generous portions. I love their onion rings here, but this was almost overload. The salad was nice to eat, basically because it was one of the few not fried things on the plate. Heh.

Ford's Filling Station - DINELA
Now for desserts - Amber got the Profiteroles with in house made nutella ice cream. The nutella ice cream was the star of this plate, a rich deep chocolatey hazelnutty flavor, really well balanced.

Ford's Filling Station - DINELA
I couldn't help myself, I got the Butterscotch Pudding with a bit of mascarpone cream on top. This was heavenly. I love butterscotch pudding and this was really the pinnacle of butterscotch. I loved the chopped nuts on top, it gave a nice contrast to the pudding.

Chef Ben Ford happened to be walking around asking each table what they thought of the meal, and I couldn't help but gush to him about how much I enjoyed everything. I'll definitely be back.

Ford's Filling Station
9531 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 202-1470