Sunday, August 27, 2006

Just go...I beg's on Pico Blvd across the street from Westside PavillionIf burgers were crack then Apple Pan is my favorite dealer. I know, I know, drug addiction is not something to joke about. But these I didn't know burgers like this EXISTED. Apple Pan does it the best. I had been exposed to places like Johnny Rockets (blech!) before this - places that were going for the "50's nostalgia" with their burgers and shakes. The last time Owen and I got burgers at a Johnny Rockets - the meat was grainy and unpalatable. Owen didn't finish half his burger - never before had I seen him do that. Anyways, Apple Pan is the place that Johnny Rockets WISHES it could be.
"Quality Forever" being their motto, they don't lie. Everything's quality here - the meat, especially - but down to giving you real cream for your coffee and the creamiest yellow vanilla ice cream to accompany your to-die-for apple pie slice with flaky crust. Everyone gets treated the same here - plunk yourself down in one of their spinny chairs that are situated around a U-shaped counter that centers on experienced burger technicians doing their thing. Might be a little bit of a wait but I've waited longer for good quality food. A lot locals frequent here, and have been for years. A weathered old guy (I like Gordon the best, he's prickly when he needs to be but treat him right and he treats you right) takes your order. There's not much on the menu to choose from - 2 kinds of burgers (steakburger and hickory burger), with or without Tilamook cheese. They have an egg salad sandwich, a tuna sandwich (I think) and a grilled cheese. Fries, pie, coffee and can/bottle drinks round out the menu.
I got the only thing I ever get - A Hickory Burger with cheese. Note the perfectly toasted bun, the liberally slathered on hickory sauce (which tastes like a really good barbaque sauce, but more tart and less sweet. It's the perfect sauce for this burger.) The cheese is melted and gooey, but not stringy gooey where it becomes a hassle to eat as you untangle yourself from cheese goo. Just a good, melted quality cheese. There's also a HUGE amount of iceburg lettuce, which normally I would feel miffed about - but it is perfect for this burger. Here's a top down shot of the delicious burger. Immediately after they are made by the burger technicians, old guy server grabs the burger and plops it on the counter. Grab napkins and get ready to CHOW.Their fries are really good too, very fresh from the fryer kinda deal. Throw a bit of salt on them, they don't add any themselves. Sometimes, they can be undercooked, but old dude will switch them to more crispy fries if you ask. Little recycled paper plates get thrown on the counter and with a flick of the wrist, old server guy drops a dollop of ketchup on the plate. Not always do they do that but it's masterful to see when they do.
Here's a wedge of chocolate creme pie in a take out container. Trust me. These are great. Not that crap from Marie Callendar's...this is the real deal, with full calories and all. Forget about your diet here and indulge!

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