Monday, August 07, 2006

Damon and Pythias in Santa Monica

Sometimes, there's a sandwich that just...well, blows you away - like, Arnold Schwartzenegger style from the movie Commando blows you away. Yes, there is such a thing. A sandwich so hardcore, that when unleashed on unsuspecting bad guys, they are attacked without pity or mercy until the point is made - I AM BADASS.

Yes, my love of the movie
Commando and my comparison to this sandwich completely makes sense. Really. Make fun of me later after you've tried this sandwich:

BE AMAZED AT ITS' BEAUTY! Here is the official description of this sandwich from the website:
Turkey Club Sandwich
Roasted Turkey, Apple-Wood Smoked Bacon, Tomatoes, Romaine Lettuce, Avocado and Cranberry Cream Cheese Spread on Grilled Sourdough Bread.
Oh. Yes. If that doesn't make you start drooling, I don't know what will. (well, if you like sandwiches that is. If you don't like sandwiches...uh...that sounds like a personal problem...) The bread is perfectly grilled...yep, grilled not toasted. And there is a difference - toasted will give you a uniform crust to the whole slice of bread. Grilling will cause the bread to have a slight crust on the surfaces that touch the grill, but will mostly remain soft. And with bread like this, the combination of the crunchy edges, with soft delicious good quality generously portioned slices of sourdough bread...toasting it would take away half its' appeal. I'm freaking out about the bread and I'm not even describing the insides yet! THIS IS HOW GOOD THIS SANDWICH IS!

They give you a choice of turkey meat - dark or white. THAT is the true test of wether or not the turkey was actually carved from a bird, not the horrible pressed turkey stuff a-la-Oscar Mayer style. Pressed turkey is an unholy creation upon the deli world. Turkey is NOT meant to taste like that! I digress. The turkey on this sandwich is moist (oh, I chose mixed dark and white turkey meat, by the way), flavorful and again, very generously piled onto the sandwich. Buttery perfectly ripe avocado encases the turkey, with thick slices of applewood bacon - that's the real deal, not the shriveled pieces of bacon that look like scabs you've picked off your knee. (yep. disgusting. I'm making a point.) The kicker is the cranberry cream cheese. The spread ties the whole sandwich together - it's like Thanksgiving on a sandwich.

What could perfectly compliment this amazing meal but a side of garlic curly fries. These fries are best dipped in the ranchy sauce - they're perfect because they weren't greasy, they were actually really dry and seasoned well with the chopped garlic.

Owen decided on a...

Chicken Caesar Salad
Crisp Romaine Lettuce, Marinated Chicken Breast, House-Baked Crunchy Garlic Croutons and Parmesan Cheese Tossed in a Classic Caesar Dressing.
As caesar salads go, it was good. I didn't think it was stellar amazing, but nothing much to complain about, as everything was fresh, the dressing was recently made, nice big chunky flavored croutons. No complaints here. I liked the fact that the chicken was a good piece of chicken breast, with some good browning on the sides. Chicken that is earmarked for salads is sometimes boiled, like, lesser quality. It's nice to see that this chicken could have been the main feature in a sandwich or on its' own - again, another sign of a good restaurant.

Damon and Pythias also has the no-pressure-food-to-your-table service, which I enjoy. You order and pay at the cashier, they give you a number, you sit down, and someone brings your food to you. I usually choose to tip when I pay, and waiters/waitresses aren't falling all over you to get some extra gratuity. Everything is quick and no hassle - and the food is delicious.

This place is highly reccommended by me - and I would never steer you wrong!

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Owen Waring said...

That turkey sandwich haunts my dreams at night...

The best is to bring a friend or significant other, each order different things, and trade halves or switch plates halfway :)