Monday, February 27, 2012

Posting a lot on Foody Field Trips facebook page...

Hey everyone who still reads this blog!

Just wanted to give a quick link to the company I've been working with recently - Foody Field Trips, a walking tour where guests get to sample foods from the best restaurants in Los Angeles!  I am a tour guide on Saturdays for Old Town Pasadena.  I love connecting with people and talking about food - this honestly was a perfect fit!

I wanted to let you guys know that I've been posting a LOT of photos (twice a day!) on the Foody Field Trips facebook page, and that if you can't get enough of my food photos on here, to "LIKE" the Foody Field Trips page to get faster updates of food photos from me!

I promise I will still post here though, periodically. Thank you so much for sticking with me and I would would love to meet you in person on my tours!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hal's Bar and Grill

Hal's bar and grill during DineLA week a few years back.  Daphne and I met here to grab some dinner.

First impressions about the place - half the restaurant is dedicated to tables, the rest to the bar - I think this place is pretty well known for their drinks - an after work spot.  We were there earlier for dinner, and were like one of two groups dining, most people were at the bar.   
A bread roll.  Decent crust on this. 
Tempura shrimp with cucumber salad in the middle.  Nicely and perfectly fried.  
Daphne got the stuffed squid as her appetizer.  She seemed to like it - again not overdone so not too chewy. 
We both got the duck breast - with pureed root vegetables and a really nice cranberry sauce to liven up the richness of the duck.  It was very nice and generous serving. 
Dessert - chocolate cake slice with ice cream
I think this was bread pudding.  I liked the presentation, pretty tasty, although very sweet.  

Good service, I'd go again if I was in the area, although there's a lot of competition for my dinner dollars on Abbot Kinney.