Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Curry House
Sawtelle and Olympic

Japanese curry is one of my favorite foods. I remember when I first had it, and thought it was rice with spicy gravy. Rice + gravy was not what I was used to eating at home, so it was an oddity taking the first bite of Japanese curry rice. Took a little bit of getting used to, but needless to say, I'm glad I did, and am now a big fan. I feel that Curry House curry is the "gold standard" of Japanese curries, as they are sold in Asian supermarkets and are of equal quality in their restaurants and in their premade vaccum sealed futuristic packages that you boil in a saucepan, package and all, rip open and pour over rice.

In any case, Curry House was our destination, to catch up with some friends. I have to say that I've had superb service every time I've gone to Curry House. Everyone is overly Japanese polite (you know what I mean if you've been to like, HONORED that you are there, in a way.) The restaurant itself is a very chill place to eat, and a lot more spacious than its' competitor, Hurry Curry across the street. Let's get to the food already!

This is Amber's Curry Set meal - with beef curry, rice, corn portage, fried shrimp and salad. I like this plate for its' variety. I've had their corn portage before, which I don't think is that amazing - it reminded me of eating warm creamed corn. Nothing wrong with creamed corn, but when I'm supposed to eat it as a soup, something in my brain says, NO NO NO...well I'm sure Amber probably didn't think so, she mostly cleared her plate (except for the tomatoes, she doesn't eat tomatoes. Or onions. She'll remind you constantly of both of those facts.)
This was Scott's Chicken Cutlet Curry, with medium strength curry. Very similar to my...

Hamburg Steak cutlet curry with extra strength hotness curry. This was delicious. Their version of "hamburg steak" is very much like a meatloaf (but better - ground beef mixed with spices, onion bits and who knows but it's good...), shaped into a patty, then breaded and fried into a cutlet. Chop em up, put it over rice and some curry (the curry wasn't melt my eyes off spicy, but again, I eat wasabi like ice cream) , with a simple salad with Japanese dressing (I like the dressing here, gingery salty with fresh veggies, I've never had wilted veggies like some other places I've been to). I ate half of this because it was SO much food, but I've finished the plate before. Gluttonously. Bryan decided to mix it up by getting the Seafood Gratin over Rice. I didn't try any but it looked cheesy creamy good, with big pieces of shrimp. This was a huge dish and to Bryan's credit, he finished all of it, albeit it took awhile and the waitress kept trying to take it away and Bryan hurredly had to say, "I'm still working on it!" while waving his hand frantically over his plate. I guess the waitress was used to faster eaters like the rest of us.

I like this place for the variety and quality of the food. A winner in my book.

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