Sunday, July 30, 2006

King's Head Pub Restaurant
I had never been to King's Head before, I swear! I love British Pubs, even though I can't drink (pesky allergy to alcohol, granting me the forever title of ultimate designated driver). I think it's because of the atmosphere of most pubs - they seem more like gathering places for people of every age group. A completely different feel than a greasy spoon diner - more like, if that greasy spoon diner and a sports bar mated and gave birth to a Pub. Yeah, that idea is kind of gross.

King's Head is located off of 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica - so it's hard to want to deal with the crowds of tourists, super overpriveledged college kids with their parents' credit cards, and WASPy ladies willing to elbow you in the stomach for a perfect pair of white capris. But friends, feast your eyes upon the spoils of this eatery...

I got the Full 2 piece Fish and Chips. It is GLEAMING with goodness! I only could battle one of these down, and kept the other one for lunch the next day. The quality of the fish underneath the deliciously flavored crispy batter was excellent. It's so important to have good quality fish for fish n chips - a lot of other places that I've had fish and chips at seem to hide their bad /slightly rotting cuts of fish under the batter. That's just a sin towards food. The chips themselves were very nicely fried, thick and with a good consistency to their fried outsides. Even the tartar sauce was exactly right, a little tart with relish and rich mayo. Owen got the Sunday Dinner Special - Roast Lamb covered in thick gravy, roast potatoes, carrot mash, broccoli, and a mini yorkshire pudding rounding out the plate. It was a lot to fit on one plate! I had a taste of the lamb - succulent, tender, gravy was tasty - everything I would want in a good piece of meat. Owen complained that the roast potatoes were not so great - I guess they cooked them too long and the outsides formed a hard protective crust. The carrots he also didn't care for, I guess they're carrots that are mashed with some not so tasty root, to stretch out, ah, a carrot side dish I guess. I think it's a British thing. The yorkshire pudding was light, airy and crisp. You rip a piece of yorkshire pudding off, dip it in the vat of gravy in the middle of the plate, and enjoy. So many parings with gravy - the British are ingenious! Anyway Owen enjoyed this meal greatly as there was only the carrot mash left on the plate.

King's Head gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me. Next time, I will try a Scotch Egg - dying to know what that tastes like!!

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