Monday, August 07, 2006

Sushi Mac in West LA
(link is to website pertaining to Ventura location, I go to the one on Sawtelle)

Yes, one lone picture, sorry guys. This sushi arrives quick and gets devoured quicker. I manged to snap a picture of an order of a Dynamite Mac Roll. Sushi Mac is one of my favorite places to eat sushi. The music is all techno and plays loud (as stated in part of the RULES they have at Sushi Mac...). The seating is simple - all seats surround the sushi bar in a U formation. No tables - it's faster like this. The place is manned by 4 people - one waitress/cashier/busser, one dishwasher/fryer, and 2 sushi chefs. It's amazing how efficent this place is. Drink choices are displayed in can formation in the fridge, there's also tea and water.

The best part - EACH PLATE of sushi is $2.75! It may not be the best cuts of sushi but you'll get full and happy. The more expensive the sushi, the less you'll get on each plate, but at 2.75 who's complaining? The Dynamite Mac rolls, pictured above, have little baked hats of a mayonnaise based product, and the rolls are California Rolls. On the Spicy Dynamite Mac Rolls, the roll is Spicy Tuna. Another favorite is the Dragon Ball - 2 tempura fried salmon ball formations cut in half, with sweet eel sauce drizzled on top. Most everything else is standard base level sushi, with a lot of fried versions of stuff (fried California roll, anyone?) It's great to take first time sushi goers here, you can be adventurous without breaking the bank and try different things. If you're a sushi snob, this place probably isn't for you - try Sushi Tenn down the street.

This place only takes cash, so hit up the ATM or and dig up change from your couch covers beforehand. I command you :D)

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