Thursday, August 24, 2006

in Culver City - link is to Citysearch site.

Cafe Laurent has been a long time haunt of ours - never TOO crowded like S&W, good breakfasty food, pleasant outdoor seating, and really feels like a good French cafe. The owner is always asking wether or not you're enjoying the food. I like supporting places that aren't so commericalized (i.e. Denny's or IHOP). It's a great experience to eat here on a lazy Sunday morning, as they play live music (this time around it was a guy with a guitar, playing slow tunes. Perfect for enjoying some brunch.) I've had many of the dishes here - such as their omelettes, quiche and croque madame (ham and cheese sandwich with sunny side up egg on top. Delicious!) However, whenver they have a special, I'm sure to try it - I'm never disappointed. After getting our drinks (O.J for me, Arnold Palmer for Owen) and french bread (not the best french bread ever, it's the dry dry dry kind, but good to nibble on while you're waiting for your food) and enjoying the music for awhile, this arrived at our table:The Frittata Special - Shitake mushroom and chicken sausage frittata nestled in a flaky croissant, covered in hollandaise sauce, with a mixed greens salad with creamy vinagrette and scalloped potatoes. This was super filling. The frittata part wasn't the prettiest thing in the world, as the egg was discolored by the shitake, making it look gray, but it tasted delicious. The croissant itself was excellent - big, super flaky, buttery. Hollandaise sauce is supicious to me, ever since I read Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, but I do my best to try to forget his description of bacteria swimming around the sauce (yeah, gross huh?) I don't have too many other hollandaise sauce experiences so I can't complain much. The mixed salad with chopped tomatoes is awesome. The dressing is just right, the tomatoes are mercifully diced (I hate trying to bite through ginormous tomato slices in a salad - chopped is the best!), the salad itself has big pieces of baby romaine. And the scalloped potatoes! I've never had such scalloped potatoes until I had them here! The only other kind of scalloped potatoes were the horrible insta-rehydrate kind, the one where the package contained little rounds of dehydrated potato slices. They never turned out the way you wanted them to...whereas these scalloped potatoes are amazing! You can really see the REAL cheese they embed in the sauce.

Complaints wise, we had to battle flies that would NOT leave us alone as we were eating - pitfall to the whole outdoor eating experience. Also, sometimes the kitchen runs out of certain things - which in a way, I find charming because that means they used all of their ingredients for that one dish...but yeah, keep a second choice in mind just in case.

If you haven't tried this place, it's definitely worth going on a Sunday to enjoy some chill breakfast!

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