Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tacomiendo in Culver City
(Inglewood and Culver)

Tacomiendo has been one of those places that I've driven past a bunch of times on the way to work, and I was curious but not too curious. However, after reading reviews on various sites,(The Great Taco Hunt being one of them) I went, and thank goodness I did.

This place is AWESOME. It feels really welcoming, like visiting a friends' house. Opening the metal door to keep the flies outside, the cashier (who's now seen me like 4 times) takes your order. Everything is made-to-order and they MAKE THEIR OWN TORTILLAS. That alone is a reason why I would haunt this place, but not only do they have their handmade tortillas, they seem to care about the food as well. Everything tastes fresh and made with care.

Case in point: what I got for lunch the other day. I got a 2 taco plate - one soft asada taco, one hard beef taco, rice, beans, guacamole and sour cream. I didn't dress the taco yet in this picture, but they have a great salsa bar with fresher than fresh pico de gallo, onions, different salsas, and even pinto beans simmer in a big black crockpot style pot, you can spoon some onto your meal.

I ate everything on this plate except for the sour cream - not much of a fan of sour cream. The meat was gristle free, great flavor. Rice and beans were great. Guacamole was spot on.

Owen got the 2 taco plate as well - but he got 2 soft tacos, one chicken and one carnitas. He said the carnitas were a little dry, the chicken was good white meat. He left everything but the sour cream as well though.

Chips! Well chips are always good...dip these in their salsa - you don't want to waste a drop of that delicious salsa!

Do yourself a favor and go to Tacomiendo. Great little place, difficult parking but I'd suggest parking on Culver and walking the 2 steps instead of trying to get one of 5 coveted spots in the front.

Oh and they have those big Coca Colas from Mexico - the ones in the glass bottles. Those are far superior in taste than the American ones, I've found out. I think they use cane sugar or something, because they taste less chemical, and maybe they use less high fructose corn syrup? Anyways, get one of those, get some asada tacos, sit back and enjoy some of the best food Los Angeles has to offer.

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Owen Waring said... It's no frills, just good fresh food with no additives or lard. You'd never think this gem was hiding where it is, but man my tastebuds don't lie.

In fact, hey Sandra, let's go today for lunch :)