Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Angel Maid Bakery
(link is to the yelp site)
Centinela and Culver
After our eh! Mediocre! lunch at Sakura, we ran across the street to Angel Maid Bakery for their delicious choux cream puffs. I encountered these amazing puffs before Beard Papa - and they definitely are the best of the best when it comes to traditional choux cream. The size of these little puffs are perfect. A mini delicious two-bite treat. Because the puffs are so small, it feels alright to eat more than one, whereas one Beard Papa puff is the equivalent to 5 of these choux cream. The custard inside the puff is very sweet, and filled to the brim. If you don't bite into one carefully, the insides squirt out all over the place - so you gotta be careful!

This is a box full of choux cream delicious! Chocolate covered and regular...they're both a treat! I suggest trying both Choux cream puffs from here and a cream puff from Beard Papa - if you have done so, what do you think? My opinion - they are almost so different from each other, I can't put them in the same category. But all in all..I might have to say Angel Maid is a little bit better...because of the size of the puff and the chocolate covering. What's your opinion?

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