Sunday, August 27, 2006

Empanadas Place
Link is to citysearch. It's on Sawtelle and Venice Blvd.

Delicious delicious pastry meals. Why are they so great? I think it's the combination of having delicious bready outside plus savory filling inside. That's probably why I like stuff like calzones, stromboli, cornish pasty, chinese pork buns and hot pockets, to name off a few. Empanadas Place fit the bill nicely during a weekday lunch outing. The place is really unassuming, nestled on a corner facing the busy Sawtelle Blvd. Another plus is that they have their own parking, albeit not a ton of spaces, but I've never had a problem. The restaurant is cute and small, with very friendly employees who really care about the food you eat and your experience with them. Everything is very reasonably priced - I think , 2.75 per empanada. And what awesome empanadas they are! Note each frilly corner - to distinguish the fillings on the inside. I got the criolla, (beef, raisins, green onions and hard-boiled egg), spicy beef (like the criolla but spicier), spinach (I LOVE the spinach) and cheese and onion (such gooey delishous cheesy oniony goodness.) These lovingly fried delights are deceptive - the pastry on the outside fills you up fast. The insides are something to marvel at:Yeah, I know, too bright on the flash on this picture. But check out the delicious spinach...and in the background, the beef. Each is superbly stuffed to the brim with their respective fillings.
I was dying to try one of these to round out the meal - a dulce de leche cookie. The cookie itself was so soft, sweet and pillowy. The dulce de leche part was extremely sweet, with just enough coconut shreds to make it flavored like coconut but not overly so. And such a deal at 50 cents each...

This place is an awesome taste of Argentina in Mar Vista. Go there hungry and get ready to aware though, they only take cash.

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