Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Catal Uva Bar
Downtown Disney, Anaheim

Playing catch up with the reviews, I know! (hangs head in shame) I will try extra hard this week to get completely caught up, but life has been getting in the way (art show in October!) And yes, I'm doing this to escape doing what I SHOULD be doing...back to procrastinating...

Disneyland again, but this time at the Catal Uva Bar. They also have a restaurant, but their prices are twice as expensive in the restaurant than the bar outside. On a random note, I think the name "Uva Bar" is probably the lamest name anyone could have ever thought of. It makes me think...of fallopian tubes. Not what I should be thinking of before eating a meal. So at the Fallopian Tubes bar, we were seated quickly and we checked out a we go...

Bryan got a burger with fries. Very straightforward and I kind of wish I had gotten this instead of what I had chosen for my meal. I think that's provolone cheese on top, but I could be wrong, I didn't study the menu on that one. I think the bread they used was pretty good for it, nice little grill marks seared into the top bun. As for the greenery, they used butter lettuce instead of iceburg - which stepped up this burger from regular fast food to "gourmet" (ha.) Also red onion, that's the onion I like best in a burger. And just to mention - this burger was like 14 bucks, so this is probably the bare minimum I would expect from a burger that cost this much. I guess they tried, and it's hard to mess up a burger, so I can't really fault them for that (plus, they are on sacred holy disney-land, which somehow makes the food cost twice as much as anywhere else in the world...behold the magic of the kingdom!)
Owen got a Steak Salad. For a salad-as-a-meal, I give them props to include such big honkin' pieces of steak, which was marinated, seasoned well and cooked perfectly. However, their leaves of butter lettuce were something to be desired, as they didn't even rip them to proper -easy-to-eat pieces. Let me elaborate - when I picked up one of the leaves of lettuce, it was like picking up a green piece of kiddie construction paper. There was no complimentary properly sized for your mouth lettuce ripping here, no sir. It made eating this salad difficult, and having to cut through pieces of meat + cutting through huge leaves of lettuce made this dish cumbersome. I commend the meat but this is a SALAD -I don't want to wrestle with lettuce all night!I got the Chicken BLT sandwich, which I admit, was disappointing. Not for the quality, but for the price-to-plate ratio. A 14 dollar sandwich plate should blow me away. This sandwich was made with decent ingredients, but small. Also, it came with my evil nemesis COLESLAW. I didn't realize this dish didn't come with fries, which I assumed (stupid, stupid me), and when our waitress set down this plate in front of me I almost recoiled in horror at the half plate of oddly sweet cabbage-y mess near my proximity. Yeah it wasn't their fault. I just don't like coleslaw.
Jeff got the delicious treat of the night - chocolate mousse cake with chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup and macadamia nut crumbles. This chocolate-on-chocolate creation seemed very rich - Jeff ALMOST finished all of it, but threw in the towel at the end (I commend his effort). This was probably the most worthwhile dish, price appropriately for a dessert.

The Fallopian Tubes bar is an alright cheaper alternative to the more pricey restaurants in this area, but I say, if you're in Downtown Disney, spend the cash and just go around the corner to Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen. You'll leave there more satisfied, whereas I left here hungry and with my wallet still relatively wounded.

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Brian said...

Wow, who knew Disneyland served decent food!