Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New Orleans Day 3 - Dinner at Chartres House

(Day 3, pt 2, of our New Orleans trip. Read the other parts to pick up where I left off..)
Ah, another evening in New Orleans. A sidenote, I love when it is evening in New Orleans, because of the real gaslamps that dot the streets of French Quarter. It gives this old timey feeling when you're walking around, and it's amazing they keep them running day after day. Anyways, back to dinner....

Patty still wasn't feeling too great by dinnertime, so we were still on our own. We wandered around, doing some window shopping and checking out all the cute stores, restaurants, basically, enjoying the ambiance of the French Quarter. We made a few random turns, not really knowing where we were, but enjoying the journey. We ended up choosing Chartres House for dinner - the place we had had pecan pie from the first night, to try their food.

We were seated in an outdoor courtyard, with a very friendly server (I think everyone in this town was extremely friendly). It had been raining earlier in the day, but the lingering humidity made us really thirsty. Owen got a Hurricane drink......which was damn pretty and damn tasty. I got a diet coke, so not very interesting on my part.
We ordered an appetizer of fried stuff. New Orleans really has a hold on this whole frying food thing...we are definitely in the south. This fry bucket (as I like to call appetizers like these - throw everything in a deep fryer and eat from a bucket, then throw up back into the bucket? Ahhhhh, back to the food...), contained some catfish, hush puppies, shrimp, calamari and fries, with dipping sauces. Whoa. Owen is not too much of a fan of catfish, as he found out after the first few bites, so I got to partake in most of the fish. Pretty tasty, and not too oily. Fries could have been crispier, as they soaked up a lot of the oil from the rest of the fried food. A solid start.
Owen got a combo platter - The Taste of New Orleans, which contained red beans and rice, jambalaya, and gumbo file. This was a deceptively small plate, but after Owen started tackling it, he realized it was more than enough to satisfy him. The surprise on the plate was definitely the red beans and rice. It was simply amazing. I never knew red beans and rice could be this good. The jambalaya and the gumbo were alright, definitely edible, but the rice and beans, I will remember for a long time.

As for myself, I ordered the Jambalaya, with chicken. This was just...ok. The rice is not cooked as much as I am used to (like in Chinese and Japanese cooking), and it really just paled in comparison to Owen's red rice and beans.

We also got a dessert to go, but I neglected to take a picture of that, as I completely forgot about it. It was a chocolate...something. Owen inhaled it so I'm assuming it was good.

More posts from New Orleans..? Didn't I go like, 6 months ago? Yes. I did. And yes, there are more posts coming up. Yes. I am extremely far behind...

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