Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New Orleans Day 4 - Heart clogging goodness

Out and about on our second to last day in New Orleans, we awoke to clear skies and humid weather, which I admit, as west coasters we are NOT used to. I had seen a restaurant that had outdoor seating, on one of our walks around the Quarter, and decided that might be a good place to sit down for awhile and enjoy some live music, played by a lively one man band. The restaurant's name was the Market Cafe...

No meal is complete without some hot sauce, in this case, Crystal. This is some great hot sauce, that spiced up our po'boys...

Owen, wanting to try something different, got a roast beef po'boy. Po'boys here come with Ruffles chips.

And here's a close up. This was a sandwich that was really...too salty. I liked how they melted the cheese all over the meat, but it just intensified the saltiness. I can't say that New Orleans is known for their roast beef, so that's probably one of the reasons.

I was trying to go for the true New Orleans experience, and ordered a half shrimp, half oyster po'boy. This was a GREAT po'boy. I don't think I could ever get enough oysters, and in a place famous for seafood, I couldn't resist. These oysters were really really good - crisp outside, gooey oystery crud on the inside, with a simple shredded iceberg lettuce and tomato slices to liven everything up.

Here's a close up of some of the fried-ness. Yeah. That's good eating. Owen had some of the shrimp po'boy, as he is not a fan of oysters - and he was very pleased. Great little lunch spot to hang out and chill.

After more exploring around the quarter, and another nap (I don't think I slept very well at night, those naps were a blessing!) we went on the Haunted History tour, which was top notch. I suggest anyone who visits New Orleans to do that - it was great. Our tour guide was a great storyteller, and it was not at all cheesy, as I thought it was going to be. Afterwards, we asked him for a suggestion for a good take out place, as we wanted to watch Lost...yeah, we're addicted to Lost. He suggested the place right next to our meeting area - a bar called "Yo Mama's". No joke.
The menu to prove it. It is truly..Yo Mama's bar. Great sense of humor around here.

A frozen margarita, to tide Owen over while we wait for our order (which was to-go.) Even though this came from one of those icee-style machines, he said this was really good! Good ratio of alcohol to drink, and really refreshing. Makes me wish I could drink...I just sipped on a diet coke.

Here's my massive burger in its' takeout container. It's just a cheeseburger, but it was massively good. Huge, but good, and definitely hit the spot. The burger came with a baked potato, and I chose chili and chives. It was very decent.

Owen went the whole hog, and took our tour guide's advice - he got the peanut butter and bacon burger. Yes. Peanut butter. And bacon. On a burger. This is a burger that is not joking around. Thing is - I took a small bite, just to try it out - it worked! It was totally overload of intense flavor, but the peanut butter took to all the grease well, and gave it such a great flavor. It enhanced the bacon, even! It was REALLY rich and dense though - I'm amazed Owen tore through it to so quickly. His baked potato had cheese, chives and even more bacon.

Whew! My heart is still trying to recover from that day...

Coming up, more New Orleans, the final round!

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