Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Orleans Day 3 - Lunch at Napoleon House

Patty was really feeling under the weather, after getting the full force of the flu that the rest of her family had unfortunately given to her, so we were on our own today. We had gotten a tip from Corey to go down the street to Napoleon House for some po' boys, so we trekked there. The restaurant had a nice old timey feel to it - seats next to open windows that let you look out on the passerby, a bar area with a bartender that dressed up in a vest - those little touches are always nice. Food started rolling to the table as we leisurely started to draw in our sketchbooks...
A bit of Caesar salad as a started that Owen and I shared. This was a really tasty and simple salad! The dressing was spot on - pungent and flavorful, lots of cheese, croƻtons were leftover bread toasts scattered around the salad.
We ordered a half of a muffaletta sandwich to share. We didn't expect it to be SO big...but we were pleasantly surprised at how delicious this sandwich was! The bread was a bit toasty, which melted the cheese, the olive salad was good. I expected the sandwich to be too salty but it really wasn't - the olive salad offset all the saltiness. This was definitely FILLING.
The closeup, for all those interested for an inspection of the fillings.
We also ordered a po'boy - italian sausage. This was actually a good accompaniment to the muffaletta, as the tastes were so different. The bread was really good, the sausage had a good casing on it, and was covered in tomato sauce. A good hearty sandwich.

Here's a shot of the insides...looking at it again makes me want a po'boy!

It was getting a bit muggy out, but we started trekking around the french quarter....dinner to follow!

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