Monday, July 14, 2008

Life on Wilshire

On my first day of work, I was very lucky to be dragged to lunch by my coworkers. We went across the street, to Life. Now, since going there, I have to say, the name of the restaurant is something I make fun of constantly. I say that I'd much rather go next door to "Death", or perhaps the alleyway inbetween death and life,"Purgatory". Ha. Anyways. On to the food...

I got a House chopped salad, which was decently tasty - tomatoes, romaine, goat cheese, ham, chickpeas, all tossed in a balsamic-laced dressing. It was decent, but the price was a little steep for just a salad - I think around 12 dollars. Sometimes, I really hate that healthier food costs more...shouldn't I be rewarded for wanting to eat better? I guess not...
This is a plate of what they're known best for - their jalepeno mac and cheese. I hear that some days it's great, some days it's so-so. On that day it was pretty good - spicy, zesty, probably could have been cheesier but it's a good plate of deliciousness. It's like grown up mac and cheese, with a grown up price tag - 9 dollars, I think.
Here's their Warm Spinach Salad. It comes with sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions and spicy candied pecans with a honey dijon vinagrette. My coworkers seemed to like it, but I think this is a really small salad for its' 9 dollar price tag. However, they were splitting this with the mac and cheese, so that's a pretty decent sized meal.
My coworker was on some eating restrictions that day so he just got a side salad. Mixed greens and such. Nothing to write home about other than everything was fresh.
Another coworker got a burger, which looked pretty decent, with a side of fries. A big restaurant burger is good at any time. I think Life's fries are the best thing they have - they actually also have these other fries, the curry fries, that have a good seasoning spice they sprinkle over it. Aside from that, I've had their sliders, which are 3 VERY SMALL burgers, made with sirloin, and I've had their turkey burger, which was decent but to switch from fries to a salad was an extra charge of a dollar.

If you don't care about spending some cash, I'd say go here. It's a nice space to hang out in, and a lot of people head over there for Happy Hour after work. Price is my main complaint here, but everything else is solid.


Dr. Alice said...

I totally agree re: the price issue but at least you posted some great ideas to steal for work lunches! I especially like the house chopped salad with the goat cheese. One could do a decent knockoff of that for a lot less cash.

Glad you are posting again and I really liked your New Orleans posts - I was there myself about a year ago and the food is awesome there.

heysandra said...

Thanks Dr. Alice! I know I've been such a slacker with posts, and working hard to try to make up for it :) Thanks again for the support!!