Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kifune Japanese restaurant

Discovering a new sushi place is like meeting up with a person you've only met on myspace. Yeah, you've checked out their stats, personality, photos, likes and dislikes (menu...) but you never know how it's going to be until you actually meet up. To tell you the truth, I've never met anyone on myspace that I didn't already know, so this is what I'm assuming would happen if I ever got into that scenario. Anyways, we went to Kifune, after a friend insisted this was the best salmon sushi ever. It definitely did not disappoint...

Started off with a salad and miso soup. I liked the dressing on this salad - nuclear orange, atop icky iceberg lettuce mix. I guess it wasn't that bad, but in recent times I've become an iceberg lettuce hater. Miso soup is always good.


Spicy tuna rolls came next. We had a choice of sushi or sashimi with our meal, and this was one of our choices. Pretty good, but not too memorable.


Our other choice of sushi - tuna roll. Tuna is one of my favorite kinds of sushi. Again, these were good but not horribly memorable, as compared to what was coming up next...


And here is what Kifune is known for - their salmon sushi. Just looking at that plate makes my mouth water. Each of the pieces of sushi were two bites - a generously sized sushi. They had a great fresh oceany flavor, and just melted on the tongue. Totally delicious.


Here's where it all went crazy - we ordered the "Treasure Ship" for the three of us to share. It had EVERYTHING you could ever want from a Japanese restaurant: Beef teriyaki, Chicken teriyaki, Sesame chicken, Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura, Salmon teriyaki, Snow crab, Seafood kushiyaki, All served on a wooden craft boat. This was HUGE. It was enough food for 6 people. It was all really good though, and you can't beat that presentation - it just looked amazing. And it was a pretty good deal for 3 people (I think you can order it for 2 people, 26 dollars each. So about 50 for 3 people. Pretty good for a sushi place.)

I was TOLD this was a secret place to go to by my friend...but I am passing it along to you. Hopefully this makes up for not posting for such a long time....

405 East Washington Street
Marina Del Rey, CA 90291
Telephone: (310)822-1595

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