Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vegas Birthday Trip

Wow, it only feels like yesterday when I went to Vegas, but that was around 4 months ago, so I'm glad I'm finally posting about it. I'm only going to focus on the food, as most Vegas trips usually just involve us walking around everywhere, gambling sometimes, and then walking around more. That's pretty much it. Oh, and this time we stayed at Monte Carlo. I think I've stayed at 6 different hotels on the strip now. This one ranked a little lower on my list - I mean, the rooms are okay and all (no noticeable dead bodies in the closets or between the mattresses) but I've definitely been in nicer rooms on the strip.

So on to the food. We decided to go to the Wynn Buffet, as we heard many good things about it and wanted to check it out. Our walk from the Monte Carlo to the Wynn was pretty nice, but it was a long walk, and by the time we got to the Wynn, a lot of us were pretty thirsty. We got at the Wynn at a good time - around 4pm, between lunch and dinner, so we just walked in, instead of waiting forever in line. Sweet. They were also having a special Easter dinner menu, so Alaskan Crab legs and shrimp were the special! Even sweeter!

This is a plate of what Amber got, I think. Check those crab legs. They had pre-split them so it was really easy to get to the meat, which was the sweetest crab meat I've had in my recent memory. The shrimp, in Ryan's opinion, tasted too much like iodine, so he warned us against them.
Here's a plate of what I got - mostly meats. Check that rack o lamb! And a salmon handroll! This place has everything! The fried poultry in the background is not chicken but it is actually quail. And the prime rib - to die for. It is that good. Oh, there was also ceviche. Very decent as well.
This is the scary pile of crab leg carcasses that were the product of all of our crab destruction. Truly scary, how many crabs perished because of us. But they were so delicious.....

What is in the cup, you ask? Looks pretty scary, no? It is - it is CLARIFIED BUTTER. I didn't have any - this is Dean's cup. He took a bunch of crab legs, shelled all of them, put the meat in a pile and then poured a bunch of this on top and ate the best crab meat pile in the world. I think he lost a few days of his life, but I think it might have been worth it.

This is some of the choice desserts they have at the Wynn Buffet. At this point, anything that has dough in it was pretty much unappetizing, as we were pretty full. Some stuff still looked pretty good though - clockwise from top right - coffee gelato, with a bit of bread pudding, tiramisu cup (very cute!), chocolate tart with gold leaf on top, caramel eclair, and hidden behind the dish, is bananas foster. I didn't eat all of it, but definitely got a taste of everything, which was excellent.

Later that night, we checked out the Fremont Street Experience (the suck! It's just a bunch of stock footage playing on the ceiling and music playing!) and ended up at the California Club. Helen had a huge craving for their oxtail soup so we went to their 24 hour diner to get it. California club seems tailored towards Hawaiians and Asian people, as most of the items on the menu were Asian themed/inspired.

Since we were there after 10pm, there was a special - the 4 dollar steak plate. YES. 4. Dollars. It also came with two sides, and Ryan chose stringy overcooked green beans and mashed potatoes. I think Ryan noted that it sucked, but really, that's what you get for a 4 dollar steak plate. They totally overcooked it.
The oxtail soup fared much better- this is delicious comfort food to me. It came with two huge scoops of rice - unnecessary but nice that they added it. There were tons of pieces of meat in this soup, and delicious marrow to suck out of the bones. It's not like, THE BEST oxtail soup I've had (that award goes to my mom's version) but it was very decent for a restaurant. I think this bowl was a very reasonable 8 dollars, which really hit the spot for a late night treat.

Of course I stopped by Bouchon again, for brunch - I LOVE that restaurant. I didn't take pictures, because I figured my last outing sufficed, but this time around I again got their daily special - crab omelette with bacon on the side. The bacon was sooo good. They really hooked it up. Everything there was superb, as last time. I can't wait until they open their LA location (however, not until 2009, and I'm sure I should call now if I want to eat there next year, hah) any case, Vegas always hits the spot!

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