Sunday, November 05, 2006

Wedding Food

A wedding reception is supposed to have the most killer food. So here's a quick review on food we had at Owen's aunt's wedding...

First off, beet salad. Okay, I don't like beets so this dish was not a winner in my book. The little mug was some cold gazpacho, which was okay, it tasted like chilled chopped tomato chunky soup. I only ate the greenery and cheese off of this plate. Beets, you are my mortal enemy.
After that, was lemony sorbet. First off, sorbet should be freezing cold when served, because the texture of sorbet is delicious when you dig your spoon into the scoop - a refreshing way to "cleanse the palate". However, this stuff was gross, all melted and soggy. I took a little spoonful and spit it back out. Lame, lame and lame. If I wanted cold lemon soup I would have had lemonade and ice and would have been happier. An Icee from the movie theaters was better than this slop.
My plate was a softshell crab with mashed potatoes, green beans tied up with chives, carrots and some other root vegetable. The softshell crab itself was alright, but I wasn't a fan of the sauce they used on it - too gingery sour, I really just wanted a good salty miso dressing on top. The rabbit food on the rest of the plate was okay. I have to say that even after I ate everything on the plate, I was still hungry. Crunchy crab does not go a long way, I guess I'm more used to having this with rice.
Owen's plate was more substancial - the Lamb, on which they poured a delicious pea gravy sauce over the meat once it finally got to the table. There was also a square of scalloped potatoes with breadcrumbs over it, that was pretty decent. Again, rabbit food to round out the plate.

We didn't stay for the cake because we had to go, but I heard the cake was a carrot cake and really yucky. Like, hard shell outside for the frosting. Carrot cake should always be moist and have a good cream cheese frosting or something like that on the outside to balance out the cake. So thumbs down on that even though we didn't have it.

Overall, I've definitely had better wedding food, and the service was horrific - we didn't get served dinner until 9pm (the ceremony ended at 4:30pm!!) And it was freezing in the Malibu mountains. So yes, even though this is not a restaurant I wouldn't suggest using whatever catering service they used, haha.

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