Monday, November 06, 2006

The Counter Burger
Ocean Park across the street from Activision

Burgery goodness! A good meaty burger was just what we were all craving one Friday night, so we all met up at the Counter. The wait was long (the place is fairly small and trendy - so the crowds were thick) and once we sat down we were ready to GRUB! We had already filled out our checklists of what we wanted in our burgers (so convenient - and so many possibilities) so we chatted an waited for our food...
As almost always, we start with my favorite drink, the Arnold Palmer...the perfect mix of refreshing and sweet...
We got an order of cheese fries - real cheese was melted over this bunch, so Owen was happy. For some reason I love me some fake cheese (yes! I know! It's disgusting but there's something about it that I strangely it a weird obsession) but these were really good.
Regular fries were also ordered...check out the in-progress ketchup drawing of...A big smiley face! Yes, these fries are happy to be devoured...and they were, although my favorite fries are steak fries, these shoestring fries were pretty good in their own right. Now to the real deal...the burgers! Owen got a 1/3 lb (they don't offer anything smaller than that!) beef burger with tilamook cheddar cheese, grilled onions, bacon, avocado, a caesary sauce spread (I think!) on a honey wheat bun. The piece of bacon that I managed to snag from his plate was juicy and delicious. I think he really enjoyed his burger - nothing was left on his plate when he was done.
Here's my 1/3 lb turkey burger, with grilled onions, scallions, olives, mixed greens and a goat cheese spread, on a honey wheat bun. Soooo good. Eating this burger was a messy business - it was so full of stuff that a lot of it fell on the plate. I ate the stuff that fell out with a fork - nothing goes to waste! Everything was delicious and fresh, and I enjoyed it greatly.

The Counter lives up to its' fame...good burger place, I love the ease of ordering exactly how I want my burger dressed, but the wait is a problem...I guess it is to be expected for such a trendy hotspot.

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