Tuesday, November 07, 2006

KC's Crepes
Lincoln Blvd and Manchester - close to Otis and Loyola

I'm letting my readers in on the biggest semi undiscovered crepe/boba place on the westside..shhh! I don't want everyone to flood to it, to make it more crowded than it already is on a Saturday afternoon...but as a dedication to my quest for good food, I must share this place with the blog-0-sphere (whoever is reading out there, anyways.) Otis and LMU students might know this place well - a tiny little space in a nano-mall, with one of the parking spaces converted to a little patio oasis to enjoy the outdoor breeze. Walk in, and usually KC himself (I'm assuming that's his name - the really nice Japanese surfer guy with a baseball cap that welcomes you) will take your order and make your drink. Such delicious drinks they have, too...
Owen's favorite, the latte boba. He'd get one of these everyday if he could (but luckily, or unluckily, they're closed on Mondays.) It's simply a shot of espresso, whole milk and deliciously sweet bobas - which make this drink SLIGHTLY sweet but the coffee is the true star here. For some reason a lot of boba places that I've been to REFUSE to do this simple thing - i.e. Lollicup which have their "Coffee tea boba" - which is just as it sounds, coffee plus tea mixed together. Gross!?
I went for my usual, a strawberry iced tea, with less flavoring than he usually puts in there, as I requested. Refreshing, delicious, with that good SNAP after you take a sip...you know what I mean? Like...AHhhhhh. In the background is Jay's Thai iced tea. He seemed to like it.
Now to the crepes! All the crepes are freshly made immediately after you order them - KC's daughters/co-workers/relatives (I don't know?) start making these delicious hand rolled things of beauty. After making them, they come outside to your table with a "So sorry for waiting!" and place the baskets full of crepe creations in front of you. The edges are paper thin crisp, fit perfectly in your hand, wrapped in a brown piece of paper. My crepe was the Turkey Sandwich crepe - with turkey slices, monterey jack cheese, mayo, mustard, mixed greens, a few tomatoes, and salt and pepper. Soooo good, not heavy, and mouthwatering to the last little bite!

This was Owen's Tuna Salad crepe, which I've had before as well. They don't skimp on the tuna in this, and really throw a lot in there. Mixed greens again, tomatoes and mayo (kewpie, I forgot to mention!).
This was Jay's BBQ Shrimp Crepe. Unfortunately I guess this wasn't exactly what Jay was expecting, as I think he thought they meant, BBQed shrimp. Instead, it was shrimp with BBQ sauce. However, he still liked it - he proclaimed that the shrimp was not overcooked..something that was very important to him (and he's a cook, so he would know!) and finished it all. I don't know if there was only shrimp and BBQ sauce in there, I forgot to ask and he ate it too quickly :D But I took that as a good sign.

I think the only thing that I'd have to complain about this place is the prices - these are not cheap crepes (Jay's, being the most expensive, was around 7 dollars!) It's like JAPAN prices. Also, it's a CASH ONLY place. But KC has a card system - buy 10 get the 11th free, for bobas and crepes...so that takes the edge off of it. And I like supporting him, as he goes off to make drinks and surf on his off days...so GO KC CREPES!


Ryan said...

Ahhhh!!! KC's Crepes!!! One of the many reasons why I wanna get back to the West Side!!!! Oh, and the girls that work there are really cute!!! Super kawaii!!!

heysandra said...

Hehe, soon enough right? Love me some crepes..and love how they're open later than most other places! And I guess there's a cute girl that works there?