Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bay Cities Italian Deli
Lincoln Blvd and Broadway in Santa Monica

Oh man. I know this is a bold statement...but there is such a thing as the perfect meal. There are different versions of this perfect meal (fancy perfect meal, casual perfect meal, etc.). This is the perfect sandwich craving meal. Yep. Anyone else that has been here will have to agree - this place is awesome.

However, there are a few pitfalls - first being parking. The parking is in a small lot on the side of the store, and is always packed. Richy Santa Monica folks will murderously and inconsiderately cut you off for that lone half spot in the back. It's a huge bummer. Secondly, EVERYONE comes here for a sandwich from the deli - take a number and then wait for at least a half an hour for your number to be called. This is not a joke. For instance, our number was 43. They were on number 5. Don't get me wrong, those guys behind the counter work hard and they're super nice. There's just so many people that are waiting for exactly the same thing you want. And that is a DELICIOUS SANDWICH! They bake their own amazing bread there - these Italian rolls that have a crunchy crispy crust and a soft as anything interior. Super fresh. If you grab a loaf while mulling around the store waiting for your number to be called, there's almost always a fresh, HOT baguette stack near the front of the store.

In any case, yes, it's worth it to jump through these hoops and get to what you've been waiting for...
A LARGE GODMOTHER with the works - which consists of:
genoa salami, mortadella coppacola, ham, prosciutto, provolone. No substitutes. There's no NEED for substitues. This thing is amazing.
The delicious shredded lettuce, Boar's head meat and cheese, Italian mix of bell peppers, oil and vinegar, mayo and mustard, on that mouthwatering bread. Even though there's a lot of salty meats in this sandwich, it surprisingly not as salty as you would think it should be - the bread and other stuff mellows out the salt. This is a slice of heaven. Really.
Just to mix it up, Owen got a turkey with cheddar cheese. This was equally great. Love that Boar's head meat...the turkey is so delicately sliced and fresh and delicious and everything you want in a turkey deli meat.

We also got some Hava Chips (Owen's favorite) and I got an Orange Pellegrino drink (sooo good). This makes for a great meal and quelling of any sandwich cravings you could ever have. Just have patience while waiting for your number to be called...ignore your urge to go to the Jack in the Box down the street as your stomach will thank yourself over and over again as you're taking a big bite out of this sandwich.

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