Wednesday, November 15, 2006

S&W's Country Diner
Close to the Sony Lot in downtown Culver City

S&W's is ALWAYS without FAIL crowded on a weekend. I know this because I actually waited one time. And I was really really hungry. Nowadays, I try to go when the wait time is a little lighter - during the weekday, when there's mostly people from the Sony lot down the street, in their black outfits and constantly on the phone. I met up with Owen and got a seat outside, even though the interior of the restaurant has fun things to look at (stuff that any self respecting diner would have - chachkeys, signs that say weird country sayings, old timey posters). We wanted to have our meal in the open air. And there was no wait for the outside table, so there ya go. Our waitress was prompt and we got our food pretty quickly.

Even though S&W is known for their breakfasts, I chose to try one of their lunch offerings. Yep, just call me a rebel! I got their turkey club sandwich with curly fries.

Check out that MOUNTAIN of curly fries! And I assure you, they were crispy, flavorful, tender, everything that curly fries should be (and so rarely receive.) Each wedge of club sandwich was stuffed with moist freshly carved turkey breast, big pieces of sliced tomatoes, a layer of thick bacon slices, lettuce, all surrounded by wheat bread. These were hard to bite all the way though, but so worth it to attempt to. Here's a close up...

Check that sexy food! 2 of these wedges did me in, so I had some tasty leftovers for later.
Owen got an open faced turkey sandwich, which he was so eager to eat he hardly paused long enough to let me take the picture! The same great carved-from-a-turkey breast was the meat of this sandwich, doused with a thin gravy, topped over a slice o' white bread. The stuffing was very good, a nice bready-mushy-seasoned mash, and the cranberry sauce in its little covered container, to not mix with everything else on the plate. Owen's only complaint to this dish was the gravy - too watery for his taste, and a little too salty. Otherwise, this was his perfect meal.

Be aware, S&W's only takes cash (as noted by their sign - "In god we cash only") but they are really friendly on the wallet, so check this place out on a weekday lunch - it doesn't always have to be a weekend brunch spot!

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