Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sushi Kura

Recently, I decided to try a place I hadn't tried in ages - since school, in fact. I wanted to try out Sushi Kura, which was a mainstay while I was at Otis, one of my favorite places to go, actually, for cheap Japanese sushi combos. A smiling old Japanese lady would take my order, rush behind a curtain, and present me with fresh, delicious nigiri, and maybe a side of tempura, perfectly fried. One day, while at my first job, I discovered that Sushi Kura was under new ownership - I walked in, and everything was different...gone were the simple old faded framed pictures of different kinds of sushi, it was decidedly dark inside and owned by a new family. Well, not one to judge immediately by the book of the cover, I ordered my usual, and it was...disgusting. Totally a disappointment, and I hadn't been back...until now.

I was going to give it a test run, maybe things got better and I could start going there again. I placed an order for pickup, and stopped by. The parking lot was bustling, and I managed to get one of the last spots in the lot. There's a lot of other little fast food places in the same lot, and it gets busy during the day. The decor of Sushi Kura was still cheesy, a far cry from the simplicity I remember. I hurriedly picked up my food and ran outta there... and opened up the takeout containers to reveal...
Sushi Kura spicy tuna handroll. This wasn't too good. There was way too much roe - I mean, I like roe but isn't this a spicy tuna handroll? Tuna. Not roe. Yeah, it was edible but nothing special.
Sushi Kura
This mess was a teriyaki chicken bowl that I ordered. Not good at all. Way too big pieces of onion, the sauce was too gloppy, the chicken was just not my bag.

Unfortunately, it looks like I'm probably not going to come back here again. It's just a shadow of the awesome Sushi Kura I remember from my past.

Sushi Kura
5567 W Manchester Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 568-9800

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