Friday, November 14, 2008

Ma Dang Gook Soo

We had lunchtime adventure in Koreatown the other day, and I got to try Sul Lung Tang for the first time. Kurt wasn't feeling so well, and sul lung tang is his version of chicken noodle soup. Ma Dang Gook Soo doesn't have any english signs in the front - is that a good sign?

Ordering was a bit difficult, I didn't really know what to order, so I just got the most popular thing according to Ray and Kurt. This is the stuff sitting at the table...
Solungtong - New Moon
Spicy paste, a huge bowl of salt, spicy seasonings, and special pink salt from Australia. I think they expect you to use a bunch of salt here.
Solungtong - New Moon
A pitcher of barley tea was set down for the table, and poured into these cool metal cups. I like that the pitcher had a faded picture of Snoopy on it - Snoopy rules! This tea was nice and refreshing.
Solungtong - New Moon
Now here's my bowl of sul lung tang. The flavor was very light, it actually tastes a lot like many other Chinese soups I've had in the past. Adding salt was definitely necessary. Rice noodles floated around the soup, which were light and slurpable. I added a ton of...
Solungtong - New Moon onion to the soup as well. It added a nice texture and flavor to the mild soup.
Solungtong - New Moon
Here's a close up of the huge bowl of salt, and in the backgroun, kimchi of two kinds - cabbage style and radish style. Both were good and had that nice tingle when it hit the tongue, from fermentation. We got refills of this...I think twice.
Solungtong - New Moon
Kurt got the hotter kimichi style of noodles. This stuff was super spicy, I tried a small taste and my whole mouth was on fire. He finished this and was whole face was sweating. I think this would burn a whole in my stomach, and even I have a pretty big tolerance to spicy!

All in all, cute place that has a very mom and pop type feeling to it. Not my favorite kind of Korean food but maybe I'll have it again when I'm feeling under the weather.

Ma Dang Gook Soo
869 S Western Ave
Ste 1
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 487-6008

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