Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant

Julian and I met up for a lunch, because we both had the day off (me for an indefinite amount of time, him for just the day). We met up at Howard Hughes Center, so we could catch a movie afterwards (RocknRolla - you've seen one Guy Ritchie movie, you've seen 'em all). We love sushi so we went to Kabuki, the only place at Howard Hughes Center that has it. More sushi posts, I know! I think I need a sushi line directly IVed into my bloodstream...

Kabuki Sushi Restaurant
I started off with an arnold palmer, with green tea instead of regular tea. This was pretty tasty and was refilled once, so I was happy. Love the color on green pleasant!
Kabuki Sushi Restaurant
Complimentary edaname was brought to the table, also with an extra bowl so we could discard the edaname shells. It's edaname..hard to mess up.
Kabuki Sushi Restaurant
We each got a bowl of miso soup to start, nice and warm, and not too salty. Fresh green onion and tofu and seaweed permeated this soup. One of the better miso soups I've had recently.
Kabuki Sushi Restaurant
Now to the main event. We ordered a number of rolls to share - from the closest roll to the end - BCD Roll, Baked Scallop Roll, and Spicy Tuna roll. All of these were quite tasty and very fresh. The BCD roll had a mixture of veggies like shredded carrots and crabmeat, it was good but probably my least favorite of the bunch. The Baked Scallop roll was basically a California Roll, but had scallops on top. The scallops were a bit addicting - they weren't overcooked and had a good bite. Even the California rolls they were atop of were solid, with real crabmeat, or at least a close proximity to that. The spicy tuna was great, really tasty.
Kabuki Sushi Restaurant
This is an order of the Kabuki Omakase Deluxe lunch. There were more cut spicy tuna rolls, and from the left - shrimp, albacore, tuna belly (?), salmon and tuna. Again, spicy tuna was solid, and I remember having the tuna and shrimp. They were okay, not melt in your mouth, but decent quality.
Kabuki Sushi Restaurant
We wanted to try out one more cut roll, so we ordered the tempura roll, which was basically a california roll dipped in tempura batter and then deep fried. I was disappointed with this one, as it was a bit cold, and obviously deep fried earlier in the day, so the fried bits were not fresh. What's the point of deep frying a california roll if it isn't even fresh??

Overall, the lunch was pleasant and good company always makes food better. Kabuki is not my favorite sushi place, but service was quick and the sushi was overall good. I'll probably be back here again.

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant
6081 Center Dr
Ste 203
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 641-5524


Anonymous said...

first of all its "edamame"
next, that's not tuna belly, its yellowtail

and third, the tempura roll is actually called a tempura California roll and its not dipped in the tempura batter and then fried. only the nori on top of the roll is fried.

heysandra said...

Sorry for my mis-spellings, I usually catch most of those things but sometimes something slips though.

I wasn't sure of the tuna belly (as noted by the (?)) and appreciate the clarification.

Thanks for reading.