Thursday, September 07, 2006

Disneyland Turkey Leg
Honestly. This thing was a monster. I thought I could take it. I was wrong. I have seen people eating these things nonchalantly around the park and YEARNED to try one. So Jeff and I signed up for the deed...we each purchased one at a stand near Fantasyland. Guy who sold it to us was too cool for school - he was wearing sunglasses when the sun was down. Anyway when he handed us this BOX of meat...well, take a look yourself...
Nestled in the box...oh there's more in store
The club of meat! You could probably bash someone's brain out with this thing.
The unveiling...yes, this thing is huge. And steaming hot.
There goes Jeff taking the first monstrous bite. As we dug in, we realized what we had done...and felt a LITTLE sick to our stomachs. We could each only stomach about 70% of our legs, and had to discard the rest (if someone else saw the remains of what we couldn't eat...let's just say it was horrific. Turkey bone and sinew-y parts. It was as if we turned a fetus inside out and were trying to get rid of the evidence.) Afterwards, our mouths were coated, inside and out, of turkey juices that wouldn't go away the rest of the evening.

Yep. Let us never speak of this again.

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