Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yokohama Japanese Restaurant
Overland and Venice
Sometimes, I feel the need to be adventurous in restaurant experiences and sometimes, I just need somewhere close to work to satsify the rumbling in my belly. I had been looking for a decent Japanese restaurant that was relatively close to work (Mitsuwa kinda counts too but the sparkle is gone, and ah, they mostly only take cash at the little stands - which is bothersome with my severely lacking cash wallet.) that had decent bento lunch specials. Yokohama is a toughie though, as it is closed mid-day, and usually I take a late lunch. Determination won over tardiness, and we made it on time.
Miso soup, very good...hard to mess up. Great starter to a huge bento meal.
I got the Salmon teriyaki bento box, with tempura and substituted spicy tuna rolls instead of california rolls, which cost me one whole extra dollar (I be poor!), but I think the extra dollar is worth it. Gotta try the fish, after all...
First up, the salmon teriyaki. 2 substancial pieces, covered in sesame seeds and teriyaki sauce. It was good, with little grill marks and a nice crusty outside, which held in the delicious salmon juices rather well (salmon juices, kinda gross thought - like if Salmon juice could be on its' own, would kids in Japan tote around salmon juice boxes? The thought equally tickles me and grosses me out.) The teriyaki sauce wasn't special but it wasn't bad either, especially when paired with....
...A pyramid of rice! This was the special part of the meal, I haven't seen this at other places. As I took big clumps of rice from this pyramid, I couldn't help but think, would I find a rice mummy in the middle? I bet it'd be tasty. And, ah, old and moldy.
The tempura was delicious, hot and freshly fried. The pieces included the one shrimp tempura piece (which I always try to save 'till last, because I like to savor it), a piece of zucchini that almost burned my tastebuds off my tongue, broccoli, japanese squash and a carrot piece. I greatly enjoyed their spicy tuna rolls, as they were big and of good quality, and stuffed to the brim with tuna mash in the middle. Amber had one and was overwhelmed by the spiciness, whereas I think it was just mildly spicy. Maybe I really did burn some tastebuds off. Salad was from a bag, but at least it was fresh salad from a bag.

By the way I also got their iced tea, which was refreshing and fruity.

I haven't tried their dinner but their lunch gave me a happy full belly. The price was alright, for a restauranty lunch. No guff from the waiter for getting there half an hour before they closed, luckily. They were happy to seat and serve us.

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