Monday, September 11, 2006

Red Moon Cafe - the lunch that never was

Short posting, but wanted to pass along some scorn towards Red Moon Cafe, for what I like to call, "The Lunch that never was". Amber and I had passed by here a few times, and saw that it served "Vietnamese and Chinese Cusine." Even though places that "specialize" in two things that are so very different from each other throw up red flags for me (would you want a burger at a Mexican restaurant? I've been tempted but never did it), I decided to ignore the warning bells blaring in my head, because good Vietnamese food is hard to find on the westside (I've noticed, anyways.)

During our lunch hour, which we even took early to head to this place, we wrangled with parking, which was awful in the small little lot mostly owned by the Washington Mutual. After nearly getting our heads taken off by some irate parking momoheads (do people even LOOK when they back up?) we walked inside the restaurant.

Another warning bell - this time, it was a fog horn warning bell. The restaurant was almost deserted, with one really unhappy looking guy eating alone, and a couple that was completely engrossed with their conversation about the stock market. No one at the front counter. In fact, the three customers were the ONLY people in the restaurant that I could see, and they looked like they hadn't been attended to in awhile.

We waited at the front counter for 10 minutes. Honestly, I gave them a chance to redeem themselves, maybe the person at the front had to step away, I understand. No one ever showed. The guy eating alone gave us uncomfortable glances. "We're outta here," I muttered to Amber. She agreed and we stomped out.

Such was the lunch that never was. Red Moon Cafe, I didn't even eat at your establishment and you left a bad taste in my mouth.

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