Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Orleans, Day 2 - the good, the bad...

After a bit of a restless night for me (strange to sleep in unfamiliar places...Owen slept like a rock), we got ourselves ready for the day. David, Corey and Patty's mom were headed back to Texas that day, so we wanted to grab a bite before they hit the road. We went to a usual breakfast spot for them - The Coffee Pot.

As we walked in, we got a hearty welcome from the waitresses, who all knew David and Corey and now Patty as well. A quick glance at the menu and we were set to go - Owen's appetite had surprisingly come back even though we had an amazing meal the night before, thanks to Corey's culinary skills. Anyways, we ordered and amazing things started arriving at the table....
Orange juice was the choice of beverage for me - I wanted to avoid the flu that everyone seemed to have. This was an ok juice - no pulp, which I prefer.
Banana pancakes, for the table. I liked how you could really see the banana slices embedded into each pancake. I'm not much of a fan of pancakes but these were great - moist, fluffy, melt in your mouth.
Some "lost bread" for the table - sliced up pieces of leftover bread, fried, covered in powdered sugar, and if you notice, a stream of syrup pouring down covering each piece. I managed to try one of these pieces - decadent. The south seems to have fried food perfected to a T - this is only the beginning of our fried food adventures here.
This omelet is not on the menu - David and Patty ordered it, and was especially made for them. It's an egg white omelet, with jambalaya folded on the inside - reminiscent of japanese style omurice. On the side is a generous helping of grits.
Here's a close up of the rice - coated with all kinds of seasonings, with slices of Louisiana sausage. Not too shabby.
Owen got a full order of the lost bread, with a side of bacon to round out his salty and sweet needs. He rocked this whole plate. It was that good.
I got the Oysters Rockefeller omelet, with the side of grits. Now, about the grits - I know this is a southern thing, but I don't think I like grits very much. The consistency is like grainy porridge, you can salt and pepper it and butter it but in the end, I wish this plate had a side of potatoes instead. Well, you have to try everything once. The omelet was good - the spinach topping was especially flavorful, and there were at least 3-4 good sized oysters in the omelet. I had to get my seafood fix, after all... Cory got a fried catfish plate with a side of jambalaya. A solid looking meal.

David, Corey and Patty's mom had to hit the road, so after some woeful goodbyes on Patty's part, and thanking them again for their generosity, we hit the road to go sightseeing in the Garden District, where many old houses were. We tried to visit the cemetery but they closed extraordinarily early - 2pm on a weekday! We looked in from the outside - creepy enough, as the above ground crypts were eerie and old. We took a self guided walking tour, saw some awesome stuff, and walked back ready to snack on something. It was a bit early to go to the restaurant Patty had in mind for us, so we decided on a snack.

We started walking down Bourbon street, which was full of scandalous bars and clubs (topless AND bottomless bar?) and I saw a Krystal Burger, which Corey had pointed out to us the night before. Having never have tried a mini burger (Harold and Kumar go to White Castle peaked my interest - I had never gone to a White castle before), I decided that there was no better time than now to give it a shot. On hindsight, it was one of the worst decisions of the trip.

First off, horrible mean people were taking our order. When they had forgotten to give Patty her drink cup, the server snapped back at her and practically rolled her eyes out of her head. Not to say that I expect stellar service from fast food joints, but man, doesn't hurt to be a little courteous.

But regardless, the food....what was the food like?
Well, here's the nasty bag that was set upon our table after we got back. I forgot what number combo this was, but it came with 4 mini sliders and 1 cup of fries. Notice the sweat that has gathered in the bag, basically making its' own ecosystem of steamy processed food hell.
Here's a peek inside the biodome - fries, burgers...wait a second, is that burger really made of meat?! It looks like processed gray cardboard! The fries looked and tasted ok, aside from the sogginess from being inside the bag.
Now, the focus is on the sliders. Ok...they're packaged in their own little boxes...that makes them kind of cute...

...but upon closer inspection, this burger really scared the hell out of us. Seriously, meat should never look that pale and gray, not even back in grade school when we would have hot lunches with grade F meat was it ever this bad. We did NOT eat any of the sliders. I think that was a good choice on our part.
Here's Patty's meal - the coke and fries look good...yep, check that horrible cheesy packaging containing her chicken sandwich - "I'm super fly!" Dear god why.
Here's Patty's hand, modeling the chicken sandwich. She was so disgusted by her treatment from Krystal that she didn't even eat it.
And here's the dissection - what are those things sprinkled on top of the mayo? We will never know...
Luckily, our snack wasn't completely ruined, as on our walk back, there was a hot dog vendor (Lucky Dogs!), who was extremely happy for our business, made this concoction of a dog loaded up with all the fixin's. Thank goodness for hot dogs.

Stay tuned for the rest of Day 2 - an amazing meal coming up!

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