Monday, January 02, 2012

RM Seafood

These are extremely old photos, but I wanted to post them to show some of the reason why I had been away for so long from the blog...well, the reason I had a few years ago anyways. (after that, it was work, laziness, lack of motivation - I am probably going to beat myself up for awhile in the next few weeks of posting, it is part of the process, heh.)   

I had been planning my wedding in Vegas for ages - it was somewhat stressful, as I am a person who likes planning things out a lot.  My wedding venue was at Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel Resort.  Owen and I loved the chapel's simple and contemporary design. Once location was set, we had to decide on the food.  I had booked RM Seafood initially, just based on what they had on the menu - my parents and I had discussed how important it was to be able to offer wedding guests delicious seafood options.  

My parents and I ended up visiting Vegas on our own around the new year, staying at Encore through a special deal (in a beautiful suite room, so amazing!) We decided to try out RM Seafood to see what kind of food offerings they had.  

The outside of the restaurant.  A very neat water running over glass effect is seen as you enter, if you look up.  Also, my parents are in this shot! Hey mom and dad!  :D

Upon entering, I talked to our waiter and explained that we were trying different dishes to determine what we were going to serve our guests at the wedding.  He tried to point out different dishes that were on the separate catering menu.  
We ordered the clam chowder to start.  Creamy, however I remember thinking it could have been more flavorful.
Steak, eggs and fries.  A pretty great offering of the three.  I loved how the egg was presented in a little cast iron dish, separate from everything else - perfect to keep the deliciously runny eggs in their place.  Crispy light fries, great to dip into the broken egg yolk. I expected the cut of the steak to be tough but it was actually quite tender and nice!
Burger and fries.  Good and satisfying.  More fries.  My weakness. 
Crab cake, the thing that we definitely needed to try, as it would have been the main thing to serve to wedding guests.  I remember it not being very hot when it arrived to the table though. The crab cake itself was decent, not very much filler. The slaw was a nice contrast.  

Okay, so we tried some dishes, but this ended up NOT being the location of our lunch wedding reception for a couple of reasons...please remember that I was figuring out wedding event reception details and this is not normally how I would judge a restaurant.  

1.  The tepid reception of the waiter and manager when telling them that I was trying out dishes for my wedding reception.  
I was treated pleasantly, but no special treatment or separate presentation of each dish.  I didn't expect a red carpet reception but the general attitude was cold towards me and my parents.  I asked to see the area where the reception was going to be held and they pointed to an area behind a curtain.  They didn't show me around or give me a tour.

2.  The distance of RM Seafood from the chapel
People were probably going to get lost in the casino on the way there.  It was a little confusing to find for the older folks (It was hard for me to find at first!) 

3.  The AMAZING reception I got from Border Grill.  That will be an upcoming post.  But it was everything I wanted it to be.  

Based on the food itself, RM Seafood was very tasty, and I would gladly go again for a special occasion lunch or dinner with friends or just me and Owen. However, for our reception, it just didn't make the cut.      

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