Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Coffee Company
8751 La Tijera Boulevard
Westchester, CA 90045

Having a decent coffee shop around the corner is a big deal. Breakfast is so easy to make but it's all about having a place to go on the weekends, and there's just something so...I don't know, uniquely leisurely about having a convenient place to go down the street.

Sooo, Coffee Company it was. This place gets SUPER crowded on the weekends - especially on Sunday, when folks head there from the church across the street. There's sometimes a line out the DOOR but they keep things moving along here, and you usually are seated before you know it.

We usually start our meal with a glass of their orange juice...I think it's fresh squeezed or some of the best quality store bought stuff that they could find because this stuff is seriously delicious...
...and sometimes a coffee. They keep the coffee cup full here...I mean, it IS called the coffee company for a reason, right? They have the huge containers of sugar here (where you just tip it over and see that huge LINE of sugar pouring out), but I try to stick to Splenda nowadays.
This was Owen's french toast plate, with bacon and eggs over easy. Good, but not great, diner food. This isn't THE BEST french toast, but it's definitely tasty. They're really fast, too. Oh, and I know they're not shown here, but they have THE BEST biscuits. Fluffy, well flavored, good crusty outside. I'm not a biscuits and gravy kind of person but if you're into that, this is the place to go. (Honey's Kettle has got the market cornered on sweetened southern style biscuits, but this place has the more savory country style. Just wanted to clarify)
I wasn't in a breakfasty mood for some reason, so I got a club sandwich with fries. Maybe I should have stuck with breakfast, cuz this club sandwich didn't have...I dunno, DIFFERENTNESS. Like, I could have made this at home. But I am lazy! So Coffee Company wins. I actually like crust, so it was unfortunate that they cut the crust off, but I can deal. I liked the bacon and fries a lot though (go figures, the things that are FRIED...!), crinkly fries for the win!

Since we live fairly close to the Coffee Company, we usually get coupons in the Value pak in the mail for half off the second meal, which is a great discount for gluttons like us. Admittedly, that gives me a bit of sympathy for any complaints I might have (not many to begin with), so take that to heart. And YES I rummage through the Value Pak, even though most of the coupons in there are for things I would never use (1000 address labels, water delivery, rain gutter cleaning...thanks but no thanks!)

Huzzah to the first (finally) post of 2008 for Drink your Milk and eat your greens...many more to come!

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