Friday, May 22, 2009

Getty Villa Cafe (revisit)

A couple of weeks back, Daphne had mentioned that she had never been to the Getty Villa, and I was hankering to do a drive next to the ocean, so we made our reservations and headed on down the PCH to the Villa. I usually never head this way in general, so it was a treat to go. After taking some fun pictures, admiring the handiwork of artisans of many different eras, and stopping at the gift shop to yearn over some books, we headed to the Getty Cafe.

I had been here before, but wanted to try something new. I went with...
Getty Villa Cafe
..a Greek chicken wrap. This was quite delicious, a lot of fresh veggies (I mostly remember the bell peppers, onions and spinach), feta cheese and moist roasted chicken. The garlic fries were good too. I ended up eating half of the wrap and giving the rest to Daphne, because this is what she ordered:

Getty Villa Cafe

A penne pasta with butternut squash. Fail fail fail on this. These noodles were way overcooked, and the 'sauce' was nonexistent. The butternut squash itself was okay though, Daphne did her best to pick all of those pieces out and eat them, but that was really the only thing worth eating on this plate. It was gross, do not order this if you go. Also, this dish took an extremely long time to arrive to the table, I was slowly eating my food and offered Daphne my fries to satiate her hunger as we watched the servers serve everyone else around us.

Getty Villa Cafe
Luckily, to make up for her pasta, Daphne had shrewdly ordered dessert beforehand, which was a pumpkin flan, with a bit of caramel sauce, and came with two brownie bites. This made up for the lack of edible matter in Daphne's pasta dish. The flan was excellent, really tasty, and had a great texture which I attribute to the pumpkin flavored puree. The brownie bites were an odd choice to be paired with this, I thought - texture and flavor wise, completely contrasted with each other, but they were good on their own.

I think for the amount of volume this cafe has to run through, they are doing a decent job, but that pasta dish was a travesty. Perhaps just a fluke in the otherwise solid Getty Cafe.

Getty Villa Cafe
17985 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, CA

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