Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vito's Pizza

On the suggestion of fellow foodblogger LA Pizza, whom I met at the Jinpachi foodbloggers event, he mentioned the best pizza he's had in LA is at Vito's Pizza in West Hollywood. I was so curious I had to give it a shot, right before our flight back to the bay area for our upcoming Alaska cruise with my family. I figured it was a good "eat while packing" type of food.

I called in beforehand to place an order for pickup, even though they do delivery I've resigned myself to the fact that practically no one delivers to our apartment, and I assumed they wouldn't deliver from West Hollywood to LAX area. The only size they offer is a large, so I went along with it, and ordered a Garibaldi. (more on that later.) A simple drive down the street from work, and into their lot parking (score! I love that I didn't have to deal withi parking at all!).

Inside Vito's, admittedly there wasn't much room, but cool huge printouts of pictures of Vito himself, a kid running down the street - all conjuring up feelings of "the old world" Italy that this pizza harks itself from.

My pizza wasn't quite done when I got there, but I was politely offered...twice! "have some pop while I'm waiting". That was really nice of them, I mean it costs them practically nothing and I'm still giving them business. I noticed they had slices in their display - maybe next time I'll try something different!

As my pie was finished, I wanted to take a picture, and the lady at the front offered to get Vito himself to pose with his masterpiece! He was so nice, gave me a high five! and glad that he had gotten a good recommendation for his pizza.

Here he is, Vito, in all his glory, with my pizza that I happily dug into when I got home.

Vito's Pizza
And here's the closer view of the pizza. This is seriously good pizza, really really close to the New York style slice that you can hardly get out here in LA . The Garibaldi pizza is a fresh tomato basil pizza with sliced meatballs and usually comes with jalepenos, but I told them to omit those (Owen stays away from too many jalepenos). Again, this is a masterpiece of a pizza. It's like eating one of the best spaghetti and meatballs, but instead of pasta, it's on a slice of amazing crust, wasn't too thin so all the toppings would slide off, but not too thick where after you had one slice you felt bloated. The crust was so light I didn't feel bad at all eating two slices, and didn't feel overly full. This is a must try for anyone who likes pizza NY style, but really, anyone who likes pizza in general. Thanks for the suggestion John!

846 N La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Phone: (310) 652-6859

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