Monday, September 08, 2008

Cafe 50's

Judy and Kelvin came into town for a wedding, and was staying over for the weekend. Kelvin had a huge craving for cherry coke, at 11pm at night, so we headed over to Cafe 50's (the Santa Monica location). I admit, I hadn't been here since the beginning of college, so my vague memories of their food were a bit...foggy. But I knew, for sure, that they would have cherry coke, and their varieties of shakes were extensive enough to please Owen.

Walking into Cafe 50's hits all those kitch-y notes - the neon signage, the posters plastering every inch of the wall (even the ceiling), collectibles and stuff basically everywhere. There were even board games available for people to play (Judy longed to play Connect Four or Battleship) but we ended up just chatting away after we were seated in our red vinyl seat booth.

Our waitress insisted on us joining their birthday club (only Owen joined, but it did pay off - he got a "free entree coupon" in the mail this past month!). Our busboy was kind of...weird. I think I told him what we wanted for drinks, and he clearly said, "Sorry", instead of "Thank you". Weird. What is he sorry about? Should we have been worried about what we were about to eat?!!...maybe he was sorry because this showed up at the table after sitting around for a spell...

Cafe 50's
A HUGE saucer of clam chowder, with a healthy skin formed on top. If you jiggle this bowl, you can recreate the Earthquake of '89 all in the confines of this vessel! This is the bowl version, and not the cup version. I can only imagine what size the cup version is! Although weary, we still tried some, which was not too bad, but the skin really turned me off of eating in general. Maybe this soup was really from the 50's, thusly, Cafe 50's lives up to its' name!

Don't let this angle of the camera fool you: these plates of garlic cheese fries (in the foreground) and chili cheese fries were HUGE. The amount piled high on Judy's Chili cheese plate could easily take up the space of a whole roasted chicken - imagine how much chili and cheese that is for a second - okay - now think about trying to EAT all that grease and meat product and whatever. And every second that goes by, the fries are turning into one giant mass of potato mush. Kelvin hardly ate any, Judy tried her best but I estimate she ate about 1/8th of the amount on her plate.

Cafe 50's
I got the special of the day, Fish and chips. Pretty pitiful plate of fish and chips, but satiated my cravings for a fry up. The fish wasn't exactly "line caught, fresh from the sea"...but what did I expect after having the clam chowder. Fries were okay.
Cafe 50's
Owen got an avocado bacon cheeseburger, with sweet potato fries instead of regular fries. You can't really see the burger under the mess of fries and rabbit food, but I had a bite and it was decent. I probably should have stuck to something like this but I didn't feel like having a whole burger. The fries were very tasty though, I especially like the cut of the fries, good amount of fry on the outside and soft potato on the inside.

Since they're open late and have a decent amount of diner type things on the menu, I think I'd go again to have more land animals and not seafood (what I was thinking, I have no idea), but I'd say watch out for the soup and portions - unless you're starving.
11623 Santa Monica Blvd, LA


Dr. Alice said...

Cafe 50's has good breakfasts, that's mainly what I go for. I have been for other meals once or twice, but I wouldn't get anything other than a burger or grilled cheese here.

heysandra said...

I will definitely try breakfast here next time I go, but since California Roll Factory and that Vietnamese Noodle place is so close to there, I don't know when that next time will be...either way, thanks for the suggestions :)