Monday, February 26, 2007

Ford's Filling Station
9531 Culver Blvd (Cross Street: Washington Boulevard)
Culver City, CA 90232

Ford's Filling station, right next to Tender Greens (a place I frequent as often as I can) has been quite a mystery to me. The place fills up with people until they filter out the door. The space is tiny. But I was told they have good food (and who passes up a recommendation? Not me...) so I called up to get a reservation.

When I sat down at my table, I was squished in a cluster of tables very close to one another. Space is definitely a commodity here. There's hardly enough room for me to scoot my chair out to get up. The lighting is dark, and since I was in a center table, I felt like all the people sitting on the side were watching me. (Then again they had nothing else to look at, as they were situated in a position as if they were watching a movie...of the center tables, which I was the star of!!)

But enough griping about the scene. Let's get to the food.
We ordered a shrimp, white bean and microgreens flatbread. This was delicious - crispy thin layer of bread with decent sized shrimp perched on top. The microgreens were fresh, the bean paste mash on the bottom was flavored well. I would get this again.
This was Jared's split pea soup. I tried a little bit - not bad, but split pea soup is not my thing. It was thick and had a pleasant green color (as far as I could tell with the dim lighting). Jared's comment was, "well, it's basically like every other pea soup I've had before". So I guess nothing special.
I got the burger. Ooo, this is a delicious burger, with the maytag blue cheese bits, grilled onions, meat dripping itself into the bun, roma tomatoes with the skins peeled off. Thumbs up from me. Also, it came with huge onion rings - heavily battered.
This was Brian's flattened chicken. He really enjoyed it, said the chicken was moist with good flavor, and basically cleaned his plate except for the potatoes. Because he's afraid of carbs. So I gladly dug in and had me a few fork-fulls of some mash. A little sweeter than I like mashed potatoes to be, but they were completely edible. Jared's Fry bucket, aka. Fish and chips. This was not what he expected. It wasn't just chips (i.e. fried potatoes) it was fried...mishmash of veggies. One of the onion rings like on my plate, I think there was a few asparagus spears in was definitely more like a tempura platter. He noted that he didn't feel bloated and greasy after eating most of this, (how one usually feels after eating only fried food) but given the chance he would not order this again.

All in all Ford's Filling Station is a treat, but ambience is a little lacking in my opinion. I need space to stretch!!

I also had been here for lunch. So here's clearer pictures of the food (there was actual LIGHT!)
Here's that beautiful burger. And those rings! Can't beat em!Here's a shrimp po-boy. I felt that the shrimps were a little bit small (like, I was eating SHRIMP BABIES omg) but not a bad sandwich. I liked the toasted roll and the fingerling potato salad, which was nicely coated with mustard seeds and dijon.

I say go for lunch. It's a lot calmer during the day, as there isn't a ton of people vying for a drink from the bar, and I can actually see what I'm eating.


Aubrey said...

Ford's is an interesting spot in that it's inconsistent. Sometimes the food is amazing and sometimes it's lackluster. They've been getting better at least. And yeah I agree, lunch is the best time to hit it for the best dining experience from there.

heysandra said...

I agree completely Aubrey! It's weird that it has such a track record. I won't mind going again, but not soon.