Thursday, December 07, 2006

Welcome new readers...! And some information for current (but not forgotten) readers!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to inform current readers, and give a quick welcome to anyone being directed here from! I am now a "guest writer" on one of the best food resource websites pertaining to LA...I sure use it a lot to scope out places to eat, and I wanted to contribute back to one of the sites that inspired me to do this blog.

So concurrently, there will be new postings on both sites, but the bulk of my posts will still originate from this blog, and not everything that I put up on this blog will go to la.foodblogging (gotta keep it fresh, right?)

So, strap in tight and please keep enjoying my food adventures throughout LA and beyond!


teenage glutster said...

Nice Blog!

I like the name and idea.

check mine out when ever you have time.

heysandra said...

Thanks! I'll check it out!!