Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice

The contination of the crazy weekend of food when Brian came into contined with our trip to Jin Patisserie on Abbot Kinney. We were looking for somewhere different, somewhere to sit and take a time out from all the crazy stuff happening in our lives. This place fit the bill - with its' outdoor seating and calming little water fountain in the middle of their courtyard, it was a great place to unwind. We all decided to get their Afternoon Tea Set. It came with one choice of tea in a little teapot...unfortunately no refills (I mean, come on, just add hot water?)
My tea was the "Des Sables" - "Flavoured with the famous Damas rose, grown on the slopes of the Atlas mountains, and exotic fruits - mango, yellow peach and citrus fruits - giving the unique flavor of a petal jelly. Both fresh and sensual, a beautiful drink whether served boiling hot or ice cold." Our server expertly sniffed each teapot cover, and from the smell could tell each tea that we had ordered. Something a little extra special, I suppose.
Now to the GOODS. Starting from the left corner going clockwise:
Scones (2) - Light and flaky as scones could be, these were deceptively small and after eating one and a bite, I couldn't eat any more of them. They were super delicious slathered with clotted cream (so evil and so good, the clotting of the cream reminded me of the clotting of my arteries) and orange marmalade (so good - had to be homemade or locally made, it was very good quality and fresh.)
Finger sandwiches (2)- filled with egg salad, I love my savory foods. The egg salad was creamy and thick, not too chopped or gloppy. The bread was nothing special though.
Mini quiche (1) - Mini ham and cheese quiche tartlet was my favorite. Buttery flaky crust, filled to the brim with ham and rich cheese. Not too much egg, it was enough to bind everything together but not overwhelmingly eggy like some other quiches I've had. Perfect size for a taste.
Small slice of pound cake (1) - Pound cake was good but not amazing. I can't say it was anything special.
Small wedge of madeline (1) - this was a good texture for a madeline.
Little assorted cakes (4) - I don't know what exactly everything was called but it was all delicious and of the best quality. For instance, the creme on the top of each was super rich, decadent and most likely made earlier that day. I think there was a mini tiramisu in there, which was my favorite out of the little cakes.
Little chocolate (1)- Yum. Perfect ending to everything.

This was a good, "different" kind of high tea, definitely not what I was used to (like the amazing high tea I had at Harrods in London) but everything was top notch quality. I might just try their proper lunch next time and get their cakes/desserts to go to enjoy at home. This was a good place to go to with a small group of friends, I don't think they could have accomidated more than the 5 of us at one table.

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